Distance, allow me to introduce you to Speed….part 2

Ok, here are the facts to bring you up to speed (pun intended).

About one month ago I recorded a personal record for a 5k at 19:06.  A week later I recorded a new PR for a 5k at 18:59 (under very windy conditions). Just two days ago I recorded a New PR for 1 Mile…..5:45.  There is no doubt that I’m getting faster….FAST!  It was only last February when I began running and training for the Cooper River Bridge Run here in Charleston, SC.  For those of you who don’t know, the Cooper River Bridge Run is the 3rd largest 10k in the U.S. and 6th largest in the world!  This year we are expecting approximately 43,000 runners and walkers!  I ran last year’s 10k with a time of 50:10.  That’s averaging a pace of just over 8 minutes/mile and this year, I plan on blowing that 10k PR sky high.

For this year’s Bridge Run, I would like to hold a pace at or below 6:04/mile for 6.2 miles.  Currently I can hold 6:04/mile for 3.1 miles, but how can I double that distance with only one month before the race?  For the past two months I have only focussed on low mileage and speed work.  Now I must figure out a way to re-introduce distance to my training without losing my speed.  There are a few approaches I could take such as increasing my mileage on my recovery runs and still reserve two days/week for speed.  This seems like the most logical way to maintain my speed.

But do I just want to maintain my speed or do I want to get even FASTER?  Do I want to train for a time that I know I will most likely reach or do I want to set the bar really high and go that extra mile?  I think I just answered my question.  Ok new goal:  Run the Cooper River Bridge with SUB 6min/miles.  That would make my goal time any time less that 37 minutes 12 seconds. WOW!

My goal is set, what do I have to do to reach it?  Wait, let me re-phrase the question.  What do I have to do to reach it without getting injured?!  I believe that with the right kind of speed work (400 meter repeats, hill repeats, and plyo-metrics) combined with faster paced distance runs will allow me to achieve my goal with only a month before race day.  I feel that this plan in combination with one rest day/week and an extremely disciplined diet will allow me to achieve sub 6 minute miles for a 10k.  The mileage numbers will most likely vary, but as for now this is what the training plan looks like: Training Plan.

The plan is a combination of a few types of training plans, mainly the Hanson’s Running training plan, and some Runner’s world articles about timing of your easy runs, tempo runs, and speed work.  Depending on my progress, I will most likely try to up my mileage on those weekend runs to ensure my cardio level will be up to par with 6.2 miles.

You may have noticed that I threw in a 5k race two weeks before the Bridge Run.  I did this so that I could more accurately gauge my progress and to see if my goal is actually obtainable.  If I can average less than 6minute miles at that point, it will really help my confidence going into the race.  I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on those results and my progress.  Now its time to put the plan to the test! Until then,

Happy Running,Biking, Walking, Eating, Drinking, and Bowling…..



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