Reality Check

So here’s an update on my training for the Cooper River Bridge Run.  In my last post I laid out a training plan that would help me average less than 6 minute/mile for a 10k (6.2mi).  Unfortunately you and I will never know if that plan would’ve worked because after only a week I strayed from it.  Instead of steadily increasing my mileage over the past couple of weeks, my mileage actually decreased.  This was partially due to an ongoing battle with a bastard of a blister that kept getting worse  and a lack of motivation…..

The blisters have finally begun to heal thanks to my friend and co-worker Cindy.  After hearing me complain about the blister one day at work, Cindy went to the foot care section of a store and bought me a “toe condom”.  That’s right…I had know idea these things even existed but its been my best friend since. I just slide it on, go for a run, and can’t even tell that it’s there! It’s like I’m not wearing anything down there…. I’m not sure what it’s made of but it’s very durable and offers the perfect amount of “skin like” protection…… They come in one size fits all, so some of you might have to trim yours…..Me, I just left it the way it was 😉

All jokes aside, that thing has helped me out tremendously.  As for the crusty blister below it, I let it dry for most of the day and use the Band-Aid Activ-Flex adhesive bandages on it while I run.  They work excellent in spots that need full mobility and also offer a more “skin like” protection…haha….ok I’m done I swear….Back to running!

The blisters were just a complement to my lack of motivation.  Call it wishful thinking, but I guess I thought my times would just magically continue to decrease regardless of the miles I put in.  But when I crossed the finish line at last weeks Catch the Leprechaun 5k huffing and puffing at only a 6:09/mile pace, I knew my goal was probably out of reach.  Although I came in 13th overall (880 participants), placed second in my age group (25-29 yrs), and caught that damn Leprechaun, I knew that I could’ve worked harder for a better time (19:03).


With only 10 days to go before the big race, this week is crucial.  I’ve ramped up the miles and my workout ethic in an attempt to gain back the ground I’ve lost.  Because I normally train alone, I’ve scheduled a small 5k race this Saturday to serve as a tempo run.  Hopefully it will keep my competitive spirit alive through next week.  My new, more realistic/settingthe bar a little lower goal is to try and run this year’s Bridge run in less than 40 minutes.  Compared to last years time of 50:10, this would be a great accomplishment for me. I’ll be sure to let you know how the “tempo” run goes on Saturday morning and as always,

Happy running, shooting, walking, job hunting, granite topping, facebooking, and bird watching……


Michael’s Beer choice of the Week:

Dos Equis Amber on Draft and in a frozen 36oz mug at your local Mexican restaurant. Stay thirsty my friends!

Click here to see the new commercial…..hilarious


One response to “Reality Check

  • Courtney Lucas

    Love the job hunting shout out!! That blister looks pretty damn gross man. And dos equis is one of my favorite beers! Ok, that’s hit…happy running bro!

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