Year One.

My “tempo” run went incredibly well this past Saturday morning.  I trained hard all week and it paid off with a second place finish at the Race Judicata 5k at Hampton Park.  I also recorded a new, intimidatingly fast personal record with a time of 18:27.  During the race I didn’t feel like I was running any faster than I did at the Catch the Leprechaun 5k when my time was just 19:03.  I shaved off 33 seconds in just over one week!  After my poor performance at the Leprechaun 5k I decided to ramp up my mileage and workouts, and it worked!

It was only one year ago today that I was training and preparing to run my first race ever.  Three months prior to that race, I’d made several New Year’s resolutions:

1. Get fit  2. Stop Smoking 3. Drink in moderation 4. Eat healthier.  I didn’t know this at the time, but running was helping me with every one of those resolutions.  It was my cure everything pill.  If I ran, I would get fit.  If I ran, I wouldn’t want to smoke.  If I drank a lot, I wouldn’t want to run and I would want to smoke. If a ate poorly I would run poorly. Lastly,  if I registered for one of the largest 10k’s in the world, I would HAVE to run.  By centering my life around running, I would accomplish my resolutions. It was that simple.

The race was last year’s Cooper River Bridge run and at the time I had no idea that I was about to embark on a journey that may never know actually know it’s destination. My second place finish this past weekend gives me an incredible boost of confidence going into this year’s Bridge Run.  It has also motivated me to continue training hard these last couple of days until I begin to taper my mileage off on Wednesday.  This year’s Bridge Run means a lot to me and regardless of what time or place I finish in, having fun while running it will be the most important thing.  The Bridge Run is more than just another race to me, it’s a symbol of my accomplishments and how far I’ve come in just one year.  Because it usually falls on the weekend following my birthday, it makes it even more meaningful.  It’s my present to myself and a perfect reminder of where I am and where I want to be.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to drink beer and celebrate their 27th birthday with 44,000 other crazy runners in downtown Charleston?

Since last year’s race, I’ve run seven more races including a full marathon, received a generous sponsorship from THE top running company in the world, created a small website, started a running blog, and have met new friends and made memories with old ones along the way.  That was all in Year One.  I really have only one thing on my mind for Year Two…….and it rhymes with…..Dalifying core be Froston Care-athon….I’m sure there will be more great memories shared and created down that road too, and I will be sure to let you all know about every single one!  Until then,

Happy running, hunting, walking, hunger gamesing, curling, hurling and roller derby-ing….


Beer of the Week:  Charleston’s very own Palmetto Amber Ale. Drink happy my friends!


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