Brooks Pure Flow = Pure Recovery

Just when I thought that I found my distance dream shoe, Brooks surprises me again with a new one! I was formerly attached to the Brooks Pure Cadence.  A wonderfully light, supportive, comfortable and durable shoe that cradled me over finish line after finish line.  Pure Cadence and I have weathered many storms during our short time together, and though we have set many PR’s, I’m afraid there’s a new shoe that has my heart now. The Brooks Pure Flow.

Pictured above is the closest relative of the Brooks Pure Cadence, the Pure Flow.  Less controlling than the Cadence, the Flow allows your foot to move more naturally within your gait cycle.  It is a dream shoe for a neutral runner like myself and with my latest ankle issue, it has been the perfect recovery shoe for me.  The Flow feels like two clouds wrapped around my feet as I bounce along the pavement. Although I try not to strike on my heels, when my calves get tired from striking on my mid/forefoot on a long run, the Pure Flow gives me the cushion I need to transition to a light heel strike.  It also does this without forcing my foot to the outside like the Cadence did.  Another great feature of the Flow, that can also be found in all of the Pure Project shoes, is the Ideal Heel.  The heel of the shoe is actually curved which promotes better running form by allowing the heel strike to be centered under the heel rather than behind the heel like most traditional running shoes.

Before I get into more of the technical features of this shoe I want to let you know, if you don’t already, that I am sponsored by Brooks.  I am also a Sales Person at Phillips Shoes in Charleston SC where we sell other running shoes by brands such as Asics, New Balance, Merrell, Keen and Vibram.  While I am a sponsored Brooks runner, my job as a sales person in the shoe industry depends on a variety of product knowledge from an array of different brands such as those mentioned and more.  With that said, the technical features of Brooks running shoes are currently unmatched in the industry.  This, along with the Brooks, “Run Happy” attitude and positive messages not only make them a pleasure to run in, but to also run for!

After my last post I began running low mileage again with minimal amount of pain and resting and icing my ankle frequently.  I was completely off from running for 2 week, then used the next 2 weeks to ease back into my routine.  I have been on a 10 day running streak now totaling 41 miles alternating between the Pure Flow, T7 racers, and my Mach 13 (spikeless) and spending the majority of the distance in the Pure Flows.  Being the minimalist runner that I am, the Pure Flow is the most “Shoe” I like to wear during a run.  Although I love my T7’s and Mach 13’s, I just don’t have the confidence that they will give me the protection and cushion I will need for 26.2 miles.  This may change depending on how my training goes, but as for now the Pure Flow is my go-to distance shoe.

For those of you looking to make the transition from a heel strike to a forefoot strike OR for those of you simply wanting to go more minimal, this shoe is AWESOME!  It is light and fast enough for your 5k’s AND offers enough protection and cushion to get you through a full 26.2 mile marathon.  Heavier runners need not worry either, the Pure Flow as well as the entire Pure Project line offers the blended Bio MoGo and DNA midsole.  This sole and this technology is one thing that really separates Brooks from its competitors.  No matter how much you weigh, the brooks DNA distributes your weight evenly and gives you the same amount of bounce back!

While other gel-like materials simply absorb the shock and cradle the landing, Brooks DNA actually returns the energy.  Just think of these little particles as miniature trampolines under your foot.  For the Pure Project shoes, Brooks actually blends the DNA with their light-weight BIO MoGo EVA foam so that those little trampolines are in every ounce of the sole!  This makes the shoe light and extremely durable and  there’s a reason why Runners World magazine awarded it Best Buy for 2011. Considering the amount of features you get out of this shoe compared with other brands, 80 bucks is a steal!

Not only do you get a smooth ride from the mid-sole, but you will also have a blister free experience with the “sock-like” upper material of the Pure Flow.  Furthermore, you get flexibility  without sacrificing durability.  You don’t know how many Nike’s I see on a daily basis with holes in the sides or toes busting out of the ends.  I’ve owned my Pure Cadences now for 8 months and put a ton of mileage on them.  The uppers still look brand new!  The uppers in the Pure Project’s are built of the same quality of materials and re-enforced in the same areas therefore I think that the Flows will perform just the same.

One feature that I dis-like about the flows is the the traction in wet conditions.  Under normal conditions the traction of the tread is satisfactory and unnoticeable, but on wet pavement it is a little slicker than the tread on my Pure Cadence. It’s not like I was ice skating in them, but it was definitely noticeable.  Hopefully they fix that one little issue in the upcoming Flow 2.0 that is due this winter!

Along with updated versions of all the Pure Project line, Brooks will be introducing the Pure Drift to the collection. This shoe will be one that everyone in the industry will have their eyes on including me.  For more on the upcoming Pure Project 2.0, click HERE!  Until then, I’m going to grab as many Flows in as many colors as I can and will hope to be crossing some finish lines soon in those fancy Blue ones! As always,

Run, walk, talk, read Scott Jurek’s new book! not 50 shades of grey, marry….or divorce;) swim, barbecue and drink happy!


Michael’s beer of the week: Negra Modelo…….good Mexican beer doesn’t need a lime!


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