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Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket ii

Does better running gear necessarily make you a better runner?  Maybe, maybe not….. What it does do is make you a more accountable runner. It keeps you honest.  This is especially true on a day like today, where most of the nation is experiencing freezing temperatures, bitter winds, and less than ideal running conditions.  How many times have you taken a rest day just because it was too cold and you didn’t feel like running?  That use to happen to me…until I found the Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket II.  Now I have no excuses for not running in these polar conditions.

–   “Thanks Silver Bullet Jacket!”

Silver Bullet

The jacket is loaded with warm features.  The most important being the aluminum membrane material that it is made of. This extremely thin, light-weight membrane traps the warmth that you’re body creates on the run.  This means you don’t have to wear as many layers under the jacket.  Not only is it water resistant, it slices through wind like the lead duck in a Flying V….

The update also includes a hood that easily folds into the collar of the jacket and thumb hole wrist warmers.  Didn’t I say this jacket is water resistant? Water literally beads off the surface of the jacket so you stay warm and dry.  There’s also plenty of pocket space in the front including an inside cellphone pocket positioned in front of the abdomen to reduce bouncing.  Super light, WARM, water resistant and fitted…..What more can I say?  This jacket truly is that all-in-one piece of cold weather gear that every outdoor enthusiast should own.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah it’s great Michael, but just how expensive is this jacket Michael?”   Well, originally priced at $170 at brooksrunning.com, this jacket can now be yours for the extremely low price of only $110! That’s right folks, $110 bucks….But wait! Call now and you’ll receive a second jacket for the low price of just kidding…. Seriously though, go buy one right now, its worth it.

Silver Bullet Jacket ii

Charleston Half

Stay warm my friends!