10 Running Songs That Won’t Make Your Ears Bleed….

Tired of hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” at races? How about the ole hit, “Move’s like Jagger”?

The last time I heard “Eye of the Tiger” during a race I had to physically force myself NOT to run into oncoming traffic….. And when I say I had to physically force myself,  I mean that I had to avoid the traffic by reaching down with both my hands and grabbing my ankles to slow myself to a stop, then dig a hole in the ground, bury my head in it like an Ostrich while humming the theme music to Captain Planet in a failed attempt to attract some dirty-ass underground earth insects into my goodassmusic loving ears to help compost my migraine prone brain into earthworm shit that would hopefully one day sprout a flower that inspires a  Radiohead/Roots collaboration album on which every single song matches the rhythm of 180 beats per minute…


After the bleeding stopped, I thought it would be a good idea to make a playlist of 10 of my favorite running songs (in order from warm-up to cool-down) to help those poor folks like me that are in desperate need of something different…


WARNING: if you like running to Kelly Clarkson’s, “Stronger”, you WILL NOT like running to the following songs….and I wish you the worst.


#1  Reckoner by Radiohead

This beautifully layered tune will ease you into your running experience while painting a landscape of the highs…and lows that are soon to follow…



#2 Wide Eyes by Local Natives

If the lyrics alone aren’t enough to move you, the drums most definitely will.



#3 Tribal War by Damian Marley and Nas

Speaking of drums…



#4 No Cars Go by Arcade Fire

Go to your happy place… look out for cars….



#5 All Alone by Gorillaz

As you should be…Because running partners that listen to headphones don’t really get it…



#6 Something Good by Alt-J (∆)

My new favorite band…anything from their album, An Awesome Wave, is run worthy…..and life worthy.



#7 Get Down On It, Kool and the Gang

The first song I heard after Eye of the Unmentionable, and it was so funky and refreshing to my damaged ears. It healed me.



#8 Velvet Snow, Kings of Leon

Almost there, pick up the pace with this little throwback.



#9 Wolf Like Me, TV on the Radio

The best running song of all time. Seriously.  “My mind has changed my body’s frame but God I like it, My heart’s aflame my body’s strained but God I like it.” If this song doesn’t get you to the end of your run,  you should probably start hitch hiking….unless you’re a wearing yoga pants…then call a cab…scratch that, the cabbie will probably be a creeper too…just walk home.



#10 Om Nashi Me, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Nothing like a little hippaddie dippaddie zen music to help increase that runner’s high you have by now, Enjoy my friends.


One day I will direct a race that plays all of these awesome running songs on repeat for your listening and running pleasure…

and also in hopes that all of the Van Halen “Jump” fans out there do just that……jump…..

off a frickin cliff.



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