MayDay Marathon 2014

As expected, the great folks at OnShore Racing threw an aMayzing Marathon and Half Marathon here in Charleston on May 1st.  To say the course is scenic is an understatement.  Some think that this course, Running the full 26.2 from Isle of Palms to Sullivans to Downtown Charleston and then out to Folly Beach is the best Marathon course in Charleston.  I have to agree with them.

Logistically, this point-to-point race would be a nightmare for most race directors but Rocky and Virginia knew exactly what to do when they thought up this unconventional race last year.  Just run the course open.  So that’s what they did.  They created a guerrilla race that runs on mostly sidewalks and with/against traffic. This RAYOR race, or Run At Your Own Risk Race, is like no other in Charleston and THAT is the appeal.  There are no over priced entry fees, the Half costs just as much as the Full, and most of the $30 goes right back to you in the post race party!!! Oh yeah, you also get receive a sweet tech-t and a badass, handcrafted medal. It’s all about the run man!  Seriously, this race couldn’t be any better! But don’t take my word for it, just watch the video below and see for yourself!

Vimeo Click Here: MayDay Marathon 2014

Feeling inspired now? Want more info? Registration is already open for next year’s race and you can check out all future OnShore Racing’s Quixotic Running events by clicking on the link below:

OnShore Racing

Oh yeah, My race report:

I dropped out after the first 13.1 so I could become the official Videographer… and because my legs were shot.   Big congrats to all those who suffered to the end!

Happy Healing,





3 responses to “MayDay Marathon 2014

  • Amy Lauren

    I loved your video Mikey. Thanks for all your encouragement out there. Sorry your legs were shot and you couldn’t do the whole 26.2, but if you had, we wouldn’t have this great video AND those of us on the course for the half wouldn’t have had your encouragement! So when you look at it like that, it isn’t such a bad thing. Hope to see you on Sunday (and thanks for the 10K tips).

  • May Day Half Marathon Review (1:53:25) | The Tiny Terror

    […] If you want to qualify for Boston or join Marathon Maniacs, you’ll need to run that on a closed-course, sanctioned race. If you want to have a good time, make new friends, party and drink, and get a long run in, then May Day might be the event for you. If you’re training for another event, it’s a great excuse for an aided long run and party. To truly understand May Day, feel free to check out my recap from last year or Mikey’s recap of this year’s event. […]

  • Timothy

    You are right, calling this course just “scenic” would be an understatement. It is nowhere short of breathtaking!

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