Daily Archives: January 5, 2015

Another Year Running

I covered approximately 1,209 miles in 2014 and participated in 13 races overall, 3 of which were Marathons. I also snagged Personal Records at the 8k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, and Full Marathon distances.  The most remarkable stat is that I did this without getting injured (knocks on particle board). I only hope my training in 2015 brings similar results.

With ’14 behind it’s time to plan ahead.  Already on the race schedule is my first Ultra Marathon.  For those of you not familiar, an Ultra Marathon is defined as any distance farther than 26.2 miles.  You could run a 30 mile long run and technically, you’ve ran an ultra marathon. With that said, I feel that most Ultra runners consider 50-100 miles to be the defining distance. The Ultra Marathon on my schedule is the Delirium 24 hour Ultra in February. A race in which participants run laps around a 1.7 mile looped trail through the wood and whoever runs the most laps/miles in the 24 hour period, wins. If you run 85 miles you receive a finisher’s medal.  If you run 100 miles you receive a belt buckle. If you run 120-140 miles, well……..there’s a good chance you won the damn thing.

With only 1 month to go, there’s really little time for training.  I hope that the base I’ve built in the past few months will carry over into this. Also on the schedule this month is the Charleston Marathon. I was offered a spot as a pacer for the 4 hour finishing group and decided that 1) It will be a great training run for Delirium and 2) Pacing is one of the most rewarding accomplishments you can achieve as a runner. You have a chance to run with and guide your friends and neighbors in your running community to the finish and help them achieve their own personal goals. There’s probably no better feeling!

With the weight of these two race on my shoulders, January has to be a strong month both mentally, and physically.  With such little time to prepare It’s time to get serious so I’ve decided to give up booze for a month. That’s right, no shots with friends after the Carolina Panther’s first playoff win since 2005. No refreshing IPA’s after a long night of pouring them for strangers, and no hearty porter after a long, cold, rainy run.

Oh Beer, I shall miss thee.

After more than 13 years of getting to know you so well, I think it might be time for a break.  I know this comes as a surprise and I promise, it’s not you….. it’s me.  I just need to gather my thoughts and think clearly for once.  I really need to focus on my goals and I just can’t do that with you in my life right now.  Simply put, we just have too much fun together.  I know you’ll wait for me. You’re so patient. We’ve had so many good times together and I know we’ll have more, we just have to put them on hold for a few weeks.  I do trust you and appreciate you understanding our dilemma…  Also, you should know I’ve been talking to you’re sister, N-A beer and we’ve kind of hit it off. She’s not nearly as fun as you, but she helps me make more responsible decisions. I hope you respect this and I’ll catch up with you at Tatar’s Superbowl party in a month. I know you’ll be there.


-Drinker with a Running problem.