Running Resume

Here is a list of all my races and times starting from the beginning:


Cooper River Bridge Run 10k-  50:10

Leslie McCravy 5k-  21:54

Chicago Marathon (full)-  3:43:03

Turkey Day Run 5k-  20:00


Save the Light House 5k- 19:06 4th overall

Go Red Heart 5K- 18:59 2nd overall

Catch the Leprechaun 5k- 19:03 13th overall, 2nd in age group

Race Judicata 5k- 18:27 2nd overall *PR*

Cooper River Bridge Run 10k- 41:28

Tarheel 10 Miler- 1:08:48 *PR*

Green & Lean 5k- 19:53

Sweat’n for a reason 5k- 3rd overall 17:15 (Short race)

Bulldog Breakaway 5k- 1st overall 19:40

Francis Marion Dirt Dash 1/2 Marathon- 1:43:51

Rock N Roll Savannah Full Marathon-  3:41:46

Reindeer Run-19:29

Pajama Run- 18:43 5th


Charleston Half Marathon- 1:44:59 (ITBS)

Cooper River Bridge Run 10k- 40:26 *PR*

Project Mud 5k with Obstacles- 1st overall (22:03)

Run for Boston 5K- not timed

Mayday 1/2 Marathon- not timed “Guerilla Style” 1st overall 1:40ish

Sweat’n for a Reason 5k- 2nd Overall 19:18

Avondale 5k-  10th 19:54

James Island Connector Run 10k- 29th overall 42:06

Savannah Half Marathon- 1:37:29 *PR*

Charlotte Turkey Trot 8k- 31:50 6:25/mile

Winter Solstice 5k- 19:19


Charleston Half Marathon- 1:36:34 *new PR*

Rock-N-Roll New Orleans – 3:31:02 *new PR*

You Can’t Run From Love 8k- 31:06 *new PR*

Columbia Marathon 26.2 – DNF 13mi

Shamrock Skyline Shuffle 5k-  19:15

Cooper River Bridge Run 10k- 39:51

Summer Solstice 5k- 19:45

Thirsty Thursday 5k- 19:26

Fall Equinox 10k- 38:41 *new PR*

Avondale 5k- 18:31 4th overall

New York Marathon 26.2 – 3:53:13

Veni Vidi Vici (Day 1) 21.6- 3:56:23

Kiawah Island Marathon- 3:37:23



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