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Brooks PureCadence 4 Review

Just when you thought this shoe couldn’t get any better, leave it to the fine folks at Brooks to figure out a way to improve the Pure Cadence. I introduce to you the Brooks PureCadence 4:

Cadence 4 B

After the success of the completely revamped PureCadence 3, the 4th edition updates with only a few changes to the upper. The outsole and the tread stay exactly the same so if you liked the traction, pronation control, and cushioned feel underfoot of the Cadence 3, then you’ll dig the 4 too. Because of this, I’m not going to get into the technical features of the outsole in this review. If you didn’t get a chance to try the Cadence 3 and want to know some of the technical features of the outsole, please refer to my review of the PureCadence 3 HERE.

While creating these updates, the team at Brooks was inspired by the Japanese word, “Takumi,” which means, each detail crafted with intension. This is reflected in the simple and plush design of the new upper. The first thing you’ll notice when you put the shoe on is the traditional lacing system. In the previous editions, Brooks experimented with attached tongue overlays and offset lacing systems with spiral, locking laces.  If that was too much jargon, just refer to the picture of the Cadence 2 and 3 below:

photo 2

In the Cadence 4 pictured below, you’ll see that they’ve reverted back to a traditional lacing system where the tongue is only attached to the toe box. This is the area with the most change, so naturally there will be some negative points worth discussing here. If you wear low cut socks, the top of the the tongue may rub a blister into the front ankle. I have NOT experienced this personally, but I can see how this could happen given its thin design. Solution, wear performance socks that fit properly.

Cadence 4 A

I’ve also read that the tongue slips to the side now. I have not experienced this either and I believe that’s due to two features; the combination of the NAV band and the new laces. For those that aren’t familiar, the NAV band is the flexible strap that wraps over the instep to comfortably secure the foot (and tongue) in place. Also, the spiral laces of the previous models have been replaced with some sort of stretch lace that locks down when pulled. I’ve never seen laces that do this. The only way I can describe the material is like a combination between a bungee chord lace and a soft microfiber t-shirt.  Weird, right? No….. Magical.

The next feature that you might notice is the plush material around the heel cup. It’s as if there’s two soft, custom fitted pillows on both sides of the heel cradling your achilles while also filling any empty space. This is especially useful for runners with a narrow heel that often experience slippage. I’ve had experience with my heels slipping in some of the previous Cadence models and it hasn’t happened in this one. The rest of the upper feels a lot like the Cadence 3; seamless, light (8.8oz) but durable, and super comfortable.

Cadence 4 C

If I had to describe the Cadence 4 in one word it would be, PLUSH. The simple updates gently cradle the feet in soft, form-fitting and moisture wicking materials. This, combined with the guidance features of the outsole, make the shoe really feel like a part of your foot. Great for heel strikers, forefoot-foot landers, and everyone in between, Brooks nails it with this update! Please feel free to post any questions or comments below. Thanks!

Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket ii

Does better running gear necessarily make you a better runner?  Maybe, maybe not….. What it does do is make you a more accountable runner. It keeps you honest.  This is especially true on a day like today, where most of the nation is experiencing freezing temperatures, bitter winds, and less than ideal running conditions.  How many times have you taken a rest day just because it was too cold and you didn’t feel like running?  That use to happen to me…until I found the Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket II.  Now I have no excuses for not running in these polar conditions.

–   “Thanks Silver Bullet Jacket!”

Silver Bullet

The jacket is loaded with warm features.  The most important being the aluminum membrane material that it is made of. This extremely thin, light-weight membrane traps the warmth that you’re body creates on the run.  This means you don’t have to wear as many layers under the jacket.  Not only is it water resistant, it slices through wind like the lead duck in a Flying V….

The update also includes a hood that easily folds into the collar of the jacket and thumb hole wrist warmers.  Didn’t I say this jacket is water resistant? Water literally beads off the surface of the jacket so you stay warm and dry.  There’s also plenty of pocket space in the front including an inside cellphone pocket positioned in front of the abdomen to reduce bouncing.  Super light, WARM, water resistant and fitted…..What more can I say?  This jacket truly is that all-in-one piece of cold weather gear that every outdoor enthusiast should own.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah it’s great Michael, but just how expensive is this jacket Michael?”   Well, originally priced at $170 at brooksrunning.com, this jacket can now be yours for the extremely low price of only $110! That’s right folks, $110 bucks….But wait! Call now and you’ll receive a second jacket for the low price of just kidding…. Seriously though, go buy one right now, its worth it.

Silver Bullet Jacket ii

Charleston Half

Stay warm my friends!